was an interesting, if a immense (more than 800 pages) work in two volumes. Published in 1875, The Way We Live Now is a work of satire that covers everything: politics, finance, aristocracy, the literary world, gambling, etc. Trollope’s many characters embody all the vices: Lady Carbury, who is “false from head to foot”, her ne’er do well son Felix, and Melmotte a scoundrel and a swindler. All of the characters are trying to do well for themselves, and become wealthy, even if they don’t really have the means to do it. Marie Melmotte, Melmotte’s daughter is thought to be wealthy because of her father, and thus, all the young men without much money go after her. It’s a good book, and for a 19th century book, is not too overwritten. If you’re looking for something challenging and engaging, The Way We Live Now is a good book to read. 4 1/2 stars.