Alexander is sent to stay with his grandmother Kate, who is an adventurous reporter for “International Geographic.” They embark on an expedition deep into the Amazon rainforest, to search for the mysterious “yeti” of the jungle. Alexander meets Nadia, the daughter of their guide, and discovers magic hidden in the forest. His totem animal is the jaguar, and he draws on its strength. He and Nadia venture into the spirit world of the forest, led by the invisible People of the Mist, the most secretive tribe. They must save the People of the Mist from annihilation. This is a wonderful adventure story, and I loved the character of Alex’s grandmother Kate. She is strict and brave, unlike the typical grandmother. She can be a bit harsh on Alex at times, but in the end, she helps him grow and learn a lot. Nadia is also an amazing character. She has this monkey named Borobo. There is also a sequel to this book, which I look forward to reading. 406 pages, 4.9 stars.