When the lights went off the accompanist kissed her. Maybe he had been turning towards her just before it was completely dark, maybe he was lifting his hands. There must have been some movement, a gesture, because every person in the living room would later remember a kiss. They did not see a kiss, that would have been impossible. The darkness that came on them was startling and complete. 

“Somewhere in South America, a lavish party is taking place thrown by the vice president of the country for a Japanese businessman Mr. Hosokawa. Rosanne Coss, a famous opera soprano, has dazzled the audience with her singing. It’s a perfect evening- until the lights go out and an armed band of terrorists take the whole party hostage. But what starts out as a terrifying experience becomes something more when unexpected bonds form between different people, terrorists and hostages alike.” But they forget that they have started something quite dangerous-something that cannot be stopped.

One thing I really loved about this book was the premise. Doesn’t that just sound like such an interesting story? And it was; Patchett’s unique writing style brought the story to life. The entire story was set in the same house, but that didn’t make it dull; quite the opposite. You didn’t have to worry about the setting and could focus on the fascinating characters. But, do not read Bel Canto if you like books with lots of action; not much actually happens and it’s more of a reflective book than an action-packed one, despite the gun-wielding terrorists.

Read Bel Canto:

  • if you are interested opera
  • if you like intriguing plots in books 
  • if you like books about unexpected situations

318 pages.

Very Good! I would recommend this book!