“Elnora Comstock, have you lost your senses?” demanded the angry voice of Catherine Comstock as she glared at her daughter.”

Elnora Comstock is determined to finish high school, despite her mother’s mysterious cruelty to her. She sets out to earn enough money to solve her financial problems, and her spirit and cheerfulness win her many friends along the way. This book is sort of similar to Anne of Green Gables in that it features a smart and determined heroine, though Elnora is older than Anne was at the beginning of the book.

I quite enjoyed this book, and it was a pretty good story. One thing that was super annoying though was that Elnora was collecting caterpillars and moths from the swamps to sell. Then it says that every year, there are less and less moths. And who’s fault do you think that is? It’s Elnora who’s capturing and killing them. Though I don’t blame her; she has to earn money some way. Also, the book talked about God in a very annoying way. Apparently the author didn’t believe in evolution. The overall story was good, however.

Read A Girl of the Limberlost:

  • if you like books with determined heroines
  • if you enjoyed Anne of Green Gables
  • if you are looking for a story about following your dreams and never giving up 

370 pages.

Very Good! I would recommend this book!