It was one of those mornings when everything looks very neat and bright and shiny, as though the world had been tidied up overnight. In Cherry-Tree Lane the houses blinked as their blinds went up, and the thin shadows of the cherry-trees fell in dark stripes across the sunlight. But there was no sound anywhere, except for the tingling of the Ice Cream Man’s bell as he wheeled his cart up and down.

Mary Poppins Comes Back is the second book about Mary Poppins. I wouldn’t say it is quite as good as the first one; it lacks some of the newness and shine and surprise, but it is still enjoyable. Mary Poppins finally returns to Cherry-Tree Lane and everything is right again. She and Jane and Michael and the twins have more wild adventures, with a lot of quirky new characters introduced, such as Mr. Turvy, her cousin who does the opposite of what he wants to do on every Second Monday. Travers painted the world of Mary Poppins just as well, and I think the only reason that I like Mary Poppins better is (as I said), because it is more surprising (since it’s the first book about her.) What is kind of odd though is that Jane and Michael are always vaguely surprised when Mary Poppins does something astonishing, like when she shows up at the gathering of Constellations, even though they’ve seen her do such things before. But I suppose you can never get used to something like that.

Read Mary Poppins Comes Back:

  • if you liked Mary Poppins (you really have to read Mary Poppins first to get this one)

312 pages.

Very Good! I would recommend this book!