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I’ve been reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. It’s a great book, but I’m not going to talk about it today. What I wanted to tell you was a sad, sad story…

I was reading The Woman in White and I (naturally) wanted to read some reviews from fellow Goodreads members. So I scroll down, and find a one star review. So I look at it, and the person SPOILS THE WHOLE FREAKING BOOK (basically). It was the worst thing ever. And then, of course, the person wasn’t even apologetic about it.  I commented, “Thanks for the spoiler. You just ruined the book for me.” Because she had. And then Lynette has the temerity to reply, “If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read reviews.” I cannot even begin to express my frustration. Goodreads has a thing where you can hide spoilers!! Why would you not use it?

I realize I’m being kind of hypocritical because I spoiled The Fault in Our Stars (and possibly The Great Gatsby) for one of my friends, but that was an accident. On a review like this, it’s so easy to hide the sentence that reveals the whole plot. For shame. The treasonous review can be found here.

I’m just so annoyed, because now I’m imagining what the reading experience would have been without knowing the key plot point, and ahhh. Thanks for ruining my day, Lynette.

The Woman in White