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Hooray! I do enjoy writing these things, although I always vaguely feel that I’m wasting my time; also that whatever I write won’t be as funny and witty and profound as the post of the person who nominated me (here). But they’re fun.

So, to the questions!

1. Show us your sock drawer.  *PEERpressurePEERpressure*: Ah, well, actually I literally just reorganized my sock storing system, so there’s not much to see. Three weeks ago, there were lots of random and rather embarrassing things (for example, I found a long-forgotten stash of candy, which chillingly probably tastes exactly the same as it did three years ago). Also, an assortment of small purses and bags that I have no idea what do with, which I end up tossing in a dark corner, hoping the problem will resolve itself. And a random comb.

Now, however, my sock drawer basket looks like this:

Displaying 20140216_162908.jpg

Not very interesting, I know. Literally nothing but socks. I promise, I’m not one of those hyper-organized people with literally nothing out of place. The rest of my room is still extremely messy, though I’m working on it (and I suspect I always will be). For example, underneath my desk:

Displaying 20140216_163906.jpg

(Sigh). The photo doesn’t do it justice. The same situation is going on underneath my bookshelf. I’m planning to use the long weekend to organize it a bit though.

2. Favorite type of workout? Define workout: does badminton count? I can only play it in the summer, but it’s great. I’ve also been running lately, and that’s fun. I enjoy swimming too, but infrequently. And I recently played racquetball for the first time; it was so fun!!

3. Favorite type of cheese (or cheeze)? There’s this type of sheep’s cheese called etorki that I really enjoy. I also like some varieties of goat’s cheese, and shredded parmesan is good on pasta.

4. What would your last meal be? One of my favorite restaurants ever is a French restaurant in New York called Le Gigot. It’s so good. I would have their signature dish, le gigot (leg of lamb) as well as their chocolate cake, which is the best dessert in the history of desserts. In more modern terms, it is the definition of #foodgasm. Even though I just had breakfast I’m salivating at the thought of it (you probably didn’t need to know that). If you’re ever in New York and can possibly afford it, YOU NEED TO GO THERE (if only for the cake, which, as I said, is on the level of the divine). It is really expensive, but I would totally just go for the cake.

I seem to have digressed from the original question. Ah well, rambling is good. On the other hand, for my last meal I might want to have something home-cooked; perhaps a bowl of my mom’s beef stew, which is amazing. The problem is that there are too many good foods, all of which I would like to consume before dying.

5. Favorite outfit? Let’s not talk about it…I used to be totally fashion oblivious (those were the days). I think my recent awareness of clothes and stuff has unfortunately less to do with caring about looking good and more to do with my entrance into public high school. There are a whole bunch of shirts that I never wear out of the house; I need to get rid of them and swap them for something I’d actually don with pride. I just feel so frivolous buying new clothes when I don’t really need them!  I don’t really have a favorite outfit, but here are some favorite parts to outfits:

Displaying 20140217_100426.jpg

A wool jacket I bought at Loehmann’s. It’s not that warm but I love it. Incidentally, Lohemann’s, a store I can tolerate shopping in, is going out of business. 😦 It also upsets me that I won’t be in the city to take advantage of the 80% off prices. Loehmann’s was a really lovely store because they had fancy designer clothing for really cheap prices. I blame the Internet for their fall. Ah well. There are always other places, but it’s mainly sad because they were in existence for 94 years.

Displaying 20140217_100819.jpg

A dress, also from Loehmann’s. I have no idea where the pink came from; it’s completely black.

Displaying 20140217_100146.jpg

A something or other from Urban Outfitters.

Displaying 20140217_100620.jpg

My mom got this dress for me somewhere in China (really narrows it down, I know). I have yet to wear it, but I’m sure I will in the summer.

Anyway, that’s it. The reason there aren’t pictures of me wearing them is that “selfies” and me don’t get along. I apologize for the atrocious quality. Let’s move on. Talking about fashion is never interesting for very long.

6. Favorite caffeinated beverage? Hot chocolate and coffee mixed together.

7. One of your favorite fictional characters has shown up on your doorstep ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Who are they, and where do you go?

I don’t know…my favorite fictional characters don’t really go on adventures.  Yeah, I’m too lazy to answer this question.

8. Any tattoos you’d like? I have something of a vendetta against tattoos. In my opinion they’re a crude form of art. Enough said.

9. Hair color? Would you ever dye it? Chop it all off? I like my hair color, so no, I doubt I’d dye it. Highlights I might consider. What I dislike about my hair is its inability to behave itself; I had it straightened once, and it was heaven for about 3 days before it went back to normal.  It’s too much trouble to do regularly though. I would chop it all off except that it would just go straight up (that’s what I used to look like). I do like the slightly longer than pixie cut look, but it’s not for me. I’d have to straighten my hair twice a week.

10.Favorite smell? Ah, but there are so many! Let’s see: chocolate in any form, autumn, good food cooking, oranges, passion fruit, and certain books.

Thanks for the nomination, GITO!